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It seems like such a simple enough question.
Why invest any more time into the home you’re planning to move away from?

Heck – you’re in a rush. There’s a lot to think about when you’re looking for a new place to live. You want to move on and not be bothered with this place any longer. And besides, you’ve taken care of your home for the entire time you’ve lived in it. What could a few “small” repairs matter to the overall value of the home?

The answer is: A LOT!

Buyers are busy focusing on whether their financing will be approved, how best to prepare their house for sale and how best to execute the move to their new place. No one wants to have to also factor in all the necessary logistics of fixing and/or making repairs to a home they haven’t gotten acquainted with yet. And for every item that is not taken care of beforehand, the home inspection will likely bring it up and it will most certainly become a factor in the overall price and final negotiations.

Would you sell your car without first cleaning the windows, vacuuming the rugs and fixing up the rust? Then why not take care of your largest asset with the same attention to detail?

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